Chicks, Rogues and Scandals Best Books of The Year, 2017

Amazing! The Captain’s Disgraced Lady has just been revealed as the Chicks Rogues & Scandals Book of the Year 2017 – and it’s only just out! #thrilled

Book of the Year 2017

Chicks,Rogues and Scandals

It’s that time of year again where I look back through the year and pick out my favourite books that I have featured on Chicks, Rogues and Scandals, it has been especially hard this time to pick my favourite’s as this year has been full of the most amazing books you can imagine. I have found new author’s that are now go to authors for their genre, new style books and series’ it has been an amazing year of reading. I have ditched my usual formula of best Hero/Heroine/Plot but I have still got a book of the Year – right at the bottom of the post. There are others books that I have loved this year, but if I kept adding books it would end up being my top 50 – I have already added more then I intended, as I only intended on doing my top ten, but…

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Introducing The Unlaced Ladies.

Lovely overview of my Unlaced buddies – thanks, Chicks Rogues & Scandals!

Chicks,Rogues and Scandals

Just over a year ago nine incredible Historical Romance author’s banded together to create the hugely popular Facebook based; Unlaced Book Club, a very special place where authors, readers and like-minded individuals all get together to discuss Romance, History and have a lot of cheeky fun in between.

Now a year on and with enough books to fill a library and with over two hundred members this club is going from strength to strength and I feel very privileged to be a part of it and be able to experience the fun and good-natured banter that makes this Book Club so special.

So, who are these nine women who brought all this fun and hilarity to the world?

Each one of them are extraordinary writers with the best Romance brain’s in the business, between the nine of them they have brought to the world Rugged Medieval Knight’s, Sinfully Handsome Rakes…

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The Captain’s Disgraced Lady

_A rip-roaring story, fabulous characters, and incredibly moving._
Book 2 in the Chadcombe Marriages series

Who is Captain Harry Fanton?

When Juliana Milford first encounters Captain Harry Fanton, she finds him
arrogant and rude. There’s no way she’ll fall for his dazzling smile! Her visit
to Chadcombe House was always going to prompt questions over her
scandalous family, so she’s touched when Harry defends her reputation. She’s
discovering there’s more to Harry than she’d first thought…

A man so plagued by the demons of war, he’s sworn he’ll never marry, no
matter how tempted…

My next book, The Captain’s Disgraced Lady, can now be ordered online. I’m so excited to find out what readers think of it.

Harry is the younger brother of Adam, who featured in the first book, and I knew from the start that he was going to have to have a full book devoted to him.

He has sworn never to marry, but then he meets Charlotte’s friend, the lively and challenging Juliana. She will lead him a merry dance! Even if they can reach an understanding, other barriers are in their way. Napoleon is on the move, and Harry must go to war. And when nasty rumours circulate about Juliana’s family, Harry is faced with -a choice…

Here’s a short excerpt:

Without any further warning, Harry bent his head and kissed her.

Shocked, Juliana could only feel the warmth of his lips, the taste of him, the brief scent of his breath, before he was gone again. Not a moment too soon, as some guests appeared round the arc in the corridor. He had timed the kiss to perfection, in the brief instant when they were alone. In that split second, Juliana’s senses swam, her stomach flipped and her nerve endings tingled. Her heart was pounding with what must be outrage.

“Thank you? I should thank you for kissing me without my permission?” Her voice squeaked a little. She cleared her throat. “Why on earth would I wish to do such a thing?”

“Because, my darling Juliana, I wished you to know yourself. The passion
within you, a passion that would be smothered by the wrong man. You would
end up half-alive.”

“You have no right to make such remarks—or to kiss me!” Surprisingly, Juliana
felt close to tears. What was happening to her?

He looked closely at her, and his gaze softened. With a rueful half smile, he
murmured, “You must believe me when I tell you I have only your interests at

Would you like the chance to win a copy?
Why not head over to Goodreads where I’m running a giveaway. I’ll also be running a giveaway competition on my facebook page soon.

Review – Waltzing With The Earl by Catherine Tinley

Wow – what a lovely review from Chicks Rogues and Scandals!

Chicks,Rogues and Scandals

A wallflower’s time to shine…

The Earl of Shalford needs to marry into money to save his estate. Wealthy and beautiful Henrietta Buxted should be the perfect candidate. So why does his eye keep wandering to her quiet cousin, Charlotte Wyncroft?

Charlotte watches Henrietta’s games of courtship with wry amusement. That is, until a stolen dance reveals a hidden side to the earl. Penniless Charlotte knows she’s far from a suitable match, yet, in Adam’s arms, she can dream of the happily-ever-after she’s always wanted!

My View

This debut novel of Tinley is rich in details for the era, what makes Tinley an exiting new to me author is how she builds up her characters, their history and personalities they are extremely likable even the irritating and snobbish Mrs Buxton and Henrietta .

Adam after gaining the title after his father death finds out that to keep his ancestral estate…

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Education of Upper-Class Women in Regency Era

A really interesting summary of education for women in Regency times.


By Kristin Perkins (appearing as Caroline Bingley in BYU’s Pride and Prejudice)

A Changing Educational Belief System:

In many ways the early 19th century was a time of changing values in education particularly for women. There were four distinct traditions of women’s education during the Regency period which can be categorized (roughly) as old and new:

  1. (Old) The girl’s school that taught decorum and accomplishments like the one the Bingley sisters attended. The students were generally not of the first circles. Obviously, neither were they poor. Instead, they were exactly what Caroline Bingley was: social climbers. Students at such schools were the daughters of families of lower rank, whether well-off gentry or tradesmen, trying to prepare their daughters for entry into higher society.
  2. (Old) Traditional methods of home schooling, including masters, tutors and governesses. This was practiced by families in the first circles as well as the majority…

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Waltzing With The Earl – Catherine Tinley

Lovely five-star review from Julie @ Bookish Jottings ❤

Bookish Jottings

An exceptional and enchanting debut fans of Regency romances will not be able to resist, Waltzing with the Earl is a stylish and accomplished historical tale from a wonderful new voice in the genre: Catherine Tinley!

Miss Charlotte Wyncroft has always had a yearning to live in her native country. Having grown up in Vienna with her father, Charlotte is delighted when her Papa arranges for her to stay with her relations, the Buxteds, while he is in France. Although unlimited patience is required with her social-climbing aunt and her highly-strung cousin Henrietta, Charlotte is enjoying her stay in England. However, what Charlotte hadn’t counted on was on finding herself attracted to the one man she should not fall in love with: Adam, the Earl of Shalford….

The burdens of responsibility lie heavily on Adam’s shoulders. He needs money -and lots of it – to turn the fortunes of his…

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